Deep Thoughts

You Don’t Have To Be Good At Everything

I am good at a lot of things when it comes to my career. I’m good at developing adaptive processes, managing people, and organizing activities. That said, I’m not good at creating formal, strict processes, working alone, visual design, or operational task management. I can’t begin to tell you how powerful it is to finally… Continue reading You Don’t Have To Be Good At Everything

Tips and Tricks

Public Speaking Tips for Virtual Conferences

It’s common advice that you should watch and listen to yourself via a recording in order to improve your public speaking skills. There are few things more uncomfortable than doing that, but I had an opportunity this week to discover something even more uncomfortable: watching and listening to myself on a recording with 50 other… Continue reading Public Speaking Tips for Virtual Conferences

Freelancing · Tips and Tricks

Succession Planning in Consulting

I recently read an article about how United Airlines developed strong succession planning for the changing of their CEOs. I remember the days when I could focus on succession planning! It was one of my KPIs as a traditional employee and it was quite rewarding.It gave me the opportunity to mentor someone (or someone’s) to… Continue reading Succession Planning in Consulting