Consensus at Scale

“I was the RFC Series Editor for eight years, from January 2012 through December 2019, and my biggest project over the course of my tenure was to change the format of future RFCs to meet the needs of modern readers and networks. Given the weight of history and the very independent and “build it here” culture of the IETF (the largest producer of RFCs), making this change was not a simple case of researching more modern publication tools and modifying the editorial workflow.”

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Building Bridges

“With my experience as a standards publisher to provide insight on the publisher model along with my years of experience in the federated identity community as one of the two coordinators for the R&E Federations group, REFEDS, and my master’s degree in library science, I was perfectly positioned to act as a bridge between worlds. My role would be to make sure that RA21 involved stakeholders from the scholarly publishing, federation operator, and campus communities, flavoring it all with an understanding of the needs of the library world”

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