A New Community: The Writer’s Comfort Zone

A giraffe sitting on the end of a dock, staring across the water, contemplating how to find a community of writers.

Announcing a new community!

Have you started blogging and then just … stopped? Or have you wanted to start one, and couldn’t figure out what to say? Maybe you have one, you write to it regularly, but it just isn’t you. I hear you. I’d been working on blogs on and off since 2012, but I didn’t really start to find my comfort zone until me and two of my friends started a weekly Amazing Women Writing hour. There’s something about having people to write with, to bounce ideas off of, to hold you accountable, that makes all the difference in the world. That’s the power of being part of a community.

I think I can make that work for more people, and I’d definitely like to try. Building communities is something I’ve been doing for years, and now it’s time to put that to use for people who are struggling to find their voice in the written word.

Ongoing, the cost would be about USD$25/month, but you can expect a much lower rate of USD$10/month for early subscribers.

Written words are my comfort zone. I want you to have that feeling, too. I want to build a community to make that happen.

Want to learn more? Please drop me a note! Alternatively, find me on social media. I’d love to hear from you!

(And, to be clear, I will not sell this information nor use it for anything other than gauging interest and contacting you about this new community if/when it goes live.)