Hot Takes

Let’s Talk About Digital Wallets

One of the areas I've been researching recently is the concept of a digital wallet. At a conference a few weeks ago, someone said, "Digital wallets are great! Everyone understands the concept because we all have physical wallets, and digital wallets just move that concept online." Hmmm. Let's just say I have concerns. What's a… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Digital Wallets

Deep Thoughts

“Why don’t they just quit?”

The Great Myth of Job Portability The news these days is full of announcements about massive layoffs. There are stories about the people left "holding the bag" at companies that are, by all reports, purely toxic workplaces. I've seen the sentiment, "why would _anyone_ stay there? They should all quit! That'll show those horrible bosses… Continue reading “Why don’t they just quit?”