Where in the world is …

I have a wealth of informative conferences and meetings coming up. These are where the Internet is made.

ConferenceDates /
Speaking / Facilitating
TNC1916-20 June 2019
Tallinn, Estonia
3B. Are we done with T&I yet? The Solution for IdP Discovery and the Exploration of the Next Big Thing
Identiverse25-28 June 2019
Washington, DC
Keynote (with Sarah Squire) – Building Identity Professionals
ThinkNEXUS10 July 2019
Washington, DC
Participating in the Science and Technology, which “fosters the analysis of innovative research on topics purely related to research and innovation in ICT.”
IETF 10522-26 July 2019
Montreal, Canada
A working conference for Internet standards development. My role in the process is as RFC Series Editor.

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